Talent Partners, Inc.

Helping you Hire the Best

One of the most crucial tasks for any company is to hire the right talent at the right time, and the process becomes further challenging if your organization is a niche industry. This is the reason you need an experienced recruiting service, like Talent Partners, Inc.

What’s the Cost of a Slow Hiring Process?

Many employers are frustrated when the right candidates don’t apply to their job ads for key openings.   Weeks and months may pass without success, but they assume using an outside recruiter is too expensive.  Consider the following:

  • Our recruiting fees are on a contingency basis- No risk for you!

  • Recruiting services are much lower than a key position left open for too long!

    • Open software positions resulting in missed product development goals and competitors getting to market first,
    • Open engineering positions resulting in low product quality and production shortages,
    • Open management positions resulting in unresolved issues and slower customer response times,
    • Open sales positions resulting in missed revenue targets and opportunities,
    • Existing staff who leave due to heavier workloads resulting in even higher risk to the organization,
    • The cost of losing and replacing one customer!

Talent Partners’ Process for Success

  • Listen carefully to you and stay focused on your expectations,

  • Apply our business, leadership and industry knowledge and experience,

  • Use the Predictive Index assessment tool and thoroughly vet candidates,

  • Identify and present candidates who meet your requirements and culture.

  • Complete references, background checks, and drug testing at your request,

  • Do the right thing from start to finish. Integrity is at the core of our business success.


Have us help you hire the best