Talent Partners, Inc.

Placing Candidates in Key Positions

We work with the very best candidates, We guarantee them to our clients.

Talent Partners only works with the very best candidates! Is that you?

Job Seekers should know what to expect when working with us!

Upon initial contact, we’ll start with the “deal breaker” questions, such as your geographic limitations, if you meet the top 2 – 3 mandatory requirements, your compensation expectations, and whether you’ve applied with our Client within the last 12 months.

Then we listen to you.  Why are you interested in a change?  What’s most important in your next position?

We share information about the employer’s culture, work environment, and steps in their hiring process.

We share mutual expectations including the best methods and times to reach one another.  We make good faith commitments to each other.

We review your resume together and may recommend formatting changes or how you might ensure your applicable projects, skills and experienced are showcased.

Once you’ve authorized us to represent you, and your resume is ready to go, we submit you to our Client and keep communication going all directions.  (We never share your resume with anyone without your prior authorization).

We offer Candidates interview tips and information about the interviewers, etc., but if our Client decides to pass on us, we’ll share whatever we know.  If this position wasn’t a fit – we watch for other opportunities!

Quote from a placed candidate:

“I know you played a big part in preparing me for this opportunity.  This position is just what I was hoping for, and I might not have received an offer without your guidance.  Thank you so much!”


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